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Does My Child Really Need To Visit The Dentist By Age 1? Milton, GA
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The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you bring your child to the dentist by the time they reach their first birthday. With so few teeth at this stage, it is common for parents to question whether or not this first visit is really necessary. However, the first dental visit serves several purposes that will benefit your child’s oral health both now and as they grow.

At Georgia Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry, we have an experienced pediatric dentist Dr. Justin Chong, who will perform thorough examination of the mouth, teeth and gums. Pediatric dentistry is focused on preventive measures to ensure ongoing dental health. Dr. Chong will be examining the health, placement and growth of the primary teeth, and provide a consultation to you as a parent on how to best care for your child’s teeth.

Get Comfortable Going to the Dentist

It is very common for children to have anxiety about going to the dentist. By bringing them in the dental office at such a young age, you have the opportunity to establish a positive and rewarding association with the dentist. You may even find that your child looks forward to going to the dentist as he or she gets older, which is a valued advantage for you and your child’s oral health. In addition, your child can begin building a trusted relationship with the dentist. This typically encourages children to stay on top of their dental health in between visits.

Establish Healthy Habits Sooner

Even though your child is not eating hard candy or brushing his or her teeth on their own yet, you can still benefit from what your dentist has to say about good oral health habits. There are habits that need to be established at all stages. For example, it is important that babies and toddlers avoid bottles in bed and that parents wipe down their gums on a consistent basis. You may also want to ask your pediatric dentist about pacifier use or thumb-sucking.

Recognize Problems Early

Just because your child’s teeth are brand new, doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to damage. Unfortunately, there are alarming statistics of increased cavity rates among preschoolers. Kids as young as 2 can develop serious tooth decay, which can cause them to miss school and suffer associated overall health problems.  Every baby tooth matters, as these primary teeth hold the place for permanent teeth and allow a child to eat correctly and develop proper speech.

How You Can Prepare Your Child

If your 1 year old is due for a dental visit soon, don’t talk it up too much. Although you may mean well, your child doesn’t have a reason to be afraid or anxious at this young age. Treat the appointment as routine and comfortable so that they can relax. If your child needs a lovey to feel more secure, please bring it along. At Georgia Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry, we will do everything we can to create the most rewarding and fun first visit possible.

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Our Patients Reviews

I was skeptical about going back into braces. Since this was my second round, I wanted something fast and affordable. I met with Dr. Patel and he was fantastic! He gave me different options, he was very detailed and he answered all my questions.

Karem M.

Dr. Patel is a gem of a person. My daughter is getting braces dine and dr. and staff make sure my daughter is comfortable with the treatment. Dr. Patel explains entire process patiently and gives time to answer any question we may have. Our experience is great and I strongly refer Dr. Patel for yours or your kid's orthodontics needs...

Dipal G.

Highly recommend Milton Dental Specialists!! They were so sweet to my daughter and took extra time and effort to make her enjoy her experience and be comfortable! As a parent this is much appreciated! My daughter left smiling and excited to have her teeth cleaned. Thank you Dr. Chong and Renal!

Natalie M.

An inviting waiting room with the front desk staff greeting me with a smile. Staff was very educated answering as many questions as possible since it was my first consultation for orthodontic help. Dr. Patel was VERY personable giving me all of the options for a plan of action the crowding of my teeth, and gave me all the information (time length, issues to be concerned with, financial differences) to help me choose the best plan for me. His details helped me to feel very comfortable with having to get braces as a female post 25+ years. I definitely recommend him as an orthodontist in the Milton/ North Atlanta area if you are looking for one. Best thing is that the first consultation was absolutely free!

Arti D.

Wow!!! What a great experience with Dr. Chong and Patel and their team at MDS. I was hesistant to send my kids to anyone but Dr. Chong just made my youngest feel so at ease that I knew this was the right place . And I’m now considering seeing Dr. Patel to finally get my teeth straightened after years of being apprehensive about my apprearance . Thanks to everyone at MDS

Jagdeep S.

Very happy with Milton Dental Specialists. Having a dentist and orthodontist in one location makes dental exams easy while wearing braces. They have great hours and are very accommodating for kids in school who don’t want to miss school for orthodontic or dental work. Very happy with both the dentist and orthodontist.

Christy D.
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