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Your Child’s Chipped Tooth Milton, GA
Girl with a toothache

Our teeth are considered stronger than any other substance in the human body. Unfortunately, they are still subject to damage. Tooth damage can include small cracks, chips or complete breaks. It is important to seek treatment as soon as possible if you have a fractured tooth. Even a tiny hairline crack in a tooth can quickly progress and pose a significant threat to your oral health. If the damage involves a baby tooth on your child, you are not exempt from treatment. There are still serious risks in ignoring a chipped tooth, including those that can affect your child’s future smile.

Whether it is a toddler learning to walk or a teenager chomping hard candy, it is not uncommon for children to accidentally crack or chip a tooth. Fractured teeth can occur in the following scenarios:

  • Biting down on something too hard
  • Mouth injury or trauma
  • Weakened enamel from poor oral hygiene
  • Teeth grinding habit (bruxism)

Even if your child is not complaining of pain within the chipped tooth, it still may need repair. Without the complete outer layer of the tooth (enamel), the tooth is extra vulnerable to decay and infection. Left untreated, this can result in premature tooth loss of a baby tooth or the unfortunate need to extract a permanent tooth. A fractured tooth may also compromise your child’s bite and disrupt alignment.

Repairing Tooth Damage

The treatment method for the damaged tooth will be primarily based on the severity of the damage. For minor cracks and chips, dental bonding can be used. This is a quick, painless and cost-effective solution that uses tooth-colored composite resin to fill in the compromised structure of the tooth.

If the tooth damage has penetrated past the enamel of the tooth, we may suggest a dental crown to properly restore the tooth. Any damage to the tooth pulp can be very painful and may require a root canal. Regardless of how badly you have damaged your tooth, you can depend on Georgia Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry to use top quality materials and advanced techniques to provide the most sustainable, natural-looking results. We also offer options in pediatric sedation dentistry to ensure patients are as comfortable as possible during their visit.

While most types of tooth damage are visible, it is possible to have a small crack that only produces slight symptoms. We encourage you to call our office promptly if your child experiences sudden tooth sensitivity or pain when chewing. For your convenience, our dental team reserves time in our daily schedules to treat urgent dental concerns.

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Our Patients Reviews

I was skeptical about going back into braces. Since this was my second round, I wanted something fast and affordable. I met with Dr. Patel and he was fantastic! He gave me different options, he was very detailed and he answered all my questions.

Karem M.

Dr. Patel is a gem of a person. My daughter is getting braces dine and dr. and staff make sure my daughter is comfortable with the treatment. Dr. Patel explains entire process patiently and gives time to answer any question we may have. Our experience is great and I strongly refer Dr. Patel for yours or your kid's orthodontics needs...

Dipal G.

Highly recommend Milton Dental Specialists!! They were so sweet to my daughter and took extra time and effort to make her enjoy her experience and be comfortable! As a parent this is much appreciated! My daughter left smiling and excited to have her teeth cleaned. Thank you Dr. Chong and Renal!

Natalie M.

An inviting waiting room with the front desk staff greeting me with a smile. Staff was very educated answering as many questions as possible since it was my first consultation for orthodontic help. Dr. Patel was VERY personable giving me all of the options for a plan of action the crowding of my teeth, and gave me all the information (time length, issues to be concerned with, financial differences) to help me choose the best plan for me. His details helped me to feel very comfortable with having to get braces as a female post 25+ years. I definitely recommend him as an orthodontist in the Milton/ North Atlanta area if you are looking for one. Best thing is that the first consultation was absolutely free!

Arti D.

Wow!!! What a great experience with Dr. Chong and Patel and their team at MDS. I was hesistant to send my kids to anyone but Dr. Chong just made my youngest feel so at ease that I knew this was the right place . And I’m now considering seeing Dr. Patel to finally get my teeth straightened after years of being apprehensive about my apprearance . Thanks to everyone at MDS

Jagdeep S.

Very happy with Milton Dental Specialists. Having a dentist and orthodontist in one location makes dental exams easy while wearing braces. They have great hours and are very accommodating for kids in school who don’t want to miss school for orthodontic or dental work. Very happy with both the dentist and orthodontist.

Christy D.
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